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Hi! My name is Haden P., and welcome to my blog! I am a Russian & Eurasian Studies student at George Mason University! I know right, how different! It surprised me too!  I grew up around Atlanta, Georgia, and would highly recommend visiting to those who would like a mixture of pop culture, street art, sports, music, business and a little southern flare!  Not to mention ATL is a foodie’s paradise!  I obviously seem to have a diverse pool of interests and cannot wait to share them with you all!  On the other page, you will find links to other websites that correspond to my personal interests.  This blog will serve as a professional looking glass into my personal life and interests!  As a millennial college student, I am constantly being funneled into a dominating technological reality that is rapidly becoming the new norm.  With that being said, I must warn of the consequences of an unprofessional presence online, as everyone has access to the things you throw out there, whether you think they do or not.  I recently “googled” myself and others and was absolutely horrified at the amount of access the world has to my pages and pictures!  We can tell ourselves that if we only accept appropriate friend requests and maintain a “private” page status, we are safe from the invasive algorithms of the internet, but I am here to tell you that is not true!  Therefore, I must express the importance of how we cultivate our digital identities.  There are so many benefits of having a well-developed digital presence.  The first reason is staying in the current stream of technology.  The second and most important reason is that it serves as a way presenting yourself in a positive manner to friends, family, employers and the world!

Personally, I favor a more minimal approach to the way we cultivate our digital identities, as it allows us to have more control over our own image to the world.  I believe it is great to share interests and ideas, but also to remember not to get sucked into a digital world that may hinder our everyday experiences and daily lives.

We tend to discuss the content of our blog more than the appearance of it, so let me explain why I chose a more simple appearance for my own.  Simplicity does not mean boring, and it does not mean plain.  Simplicity for me is clean, modern and concise. When I view other blogs, I like to be able to see a well-groomed personal side of the author but do not want to get lost when searching for their ideas and points.  By keeping things simple, we are able to organize our pages and posts better for our readers and ourselves.

Ryan Cordell discusses his approach to online presences through his blog, ProfHacker, and his published post on https://www.chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/creating-and-maintaining-a-professional-presence-online-a-roundup-and-reflection/43030.  He writes in his post that a professional digital identity is especially important for young people/scholars as it serves as an outlet to share ideas and works.  This is such an advantage to those who utilize an online presence as the job market is ever so competitive.  Cordell also references part of Phil Ares “Networking on the Network” post that emphasizes the need to take our online presence very seriously, as we are all humans with consciouses and feelings, and what we say online will have consequences.  By taking our online presence seriously, we are more likely to achieve positive consequences of our online actions.

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